with Alketa Sylaj, Marta Lempard, Liridona Sijarina

Led by: Bronwyn Jones, Editor at K2.0


At a time when some bodies are privileged and some repeatedly excluded, the very body itself becomes a medium of questioning, challenging and protesting against the paradigms.

When the strong and the powerful get to control bodies, especially those in the margins — the bodies of those that reject such control mobilize. In societies that frequently dismiss the experiences of disregarded bodies, activism and rebellion are chosen as the paths forward.

In streets filled with people, the efforts to delegitimize certain bodies are faced with opposition. Firm and loud, with their bodies upfront, the guest speakers in this talk have resisted and have shifted how the body — and with it, freedom — is spoken about, as well as who makes those decisions.

How are their bodies intertwined with the ways through which they have chosen to resist? How are their responses toward efforts to limit the body shaped? What informs their protests and how they mobilize?


We’ll discuss these questions, and many more, with:

Alketa Sylaj

Marta Lempart

Liridona Sijarina


Come along and talk with us. 


After the talk, our bodies will get to feel the beat of the Funky Villains, who will play from 20:00 – 22:00.

with Saša Bjelic, Ardian Nrecaj, Rea Nepravishta, Maida Bilal

Led by: Cristina Marí Moreno, Editor-at-Large at K2.0


Water — it’s rather essential to life, isn’t it?

It’s hard to comprehend that protecting sources of water, with all of its power, could be brought into question. You’d assume that any effort to destroy waters, or access to it, would be met with a strong, structured mobilization in opposition.

But what we see around us suggests that those destroying waters are being joined by governments, while those fighting for their protection are being faced with a fight that seems to get harder and harder every day.

Persistent threats, continuous pressure, and intimidation through lawsuits by big corporations, are just some of the means being used in an attempt to shut activists down. To prevail in protecting waters has become difficult, and the price citizens will have to pay for the waters being destroyed is getting higher.

In such contexts, activists remain ceaseless. For them, the waters must flow.

To discuss environmental protection and access to water as a human right under threat, we have invited some of the fiercest voices in the region:

Saša Bjelić

Ardian Nrecaj

Rea Nepravishta

Maida Bilal


This discussion is implemented with the support of the Prince Claus Fund.