with Alketa Sylaj, Marta Lempard, Liridona Sijarina

Led by: Bronwyn Jones, Editor at K2.0


At a time when some bodies are privileged and some repeatedly excluded, the very body itself becomes a medium of questioning, challenging and protesting against the paradigms.

When the strong and the powerful get to control bodies, especially those in the margins — the bodies of those that reject such control mobilize. In societies that frequently dismiss the experiences of disregarded bodies, activism and rebellion are chosen as the paths forward.

In streets filled with people, the efforts to delegitimize certain bodies are faced with opposition. Firm and loud, with their bodies upfront, the guest speakers in this talk have resisted and have shifted how the body — and with it, freedom — is spoken about, as well as who makes those decisions.

How are their bodies intertwined with the ways through which they have chosen to resist? How are their responses toward efforts to limit the body shaped? What informs their protests and how they mobilize?


We’ll discuss these questions, and many more, with:

Alketa Sylaj

Marta Lempart

Liridona Sijarina


Come along and talk with us. 


After the talk, our bodies will get to feel the beat of the Funky Villains, who will play from 20:00 – 22:00.


Alketa Sylaj

Alketa Sylaj is an actress and a member of the “HAVEIT” art collective. She stages acts of performance art in public spaces to draw attention to the social issues plaguing Kosovar society. With an emphasis on nationalism, LGBTQ+ rights and women in Albanian society, her artistic performances are critical art events in Kosovo’s public spaces. Her works have appeared in Dazed Magazine, The Guardian, The Calvert Journal, Sister of Europe and have been shown among others at the Galerie der Künstler in München, Ludwig Museum in Budapest, the Bazament Gallery in Tirana and Skuc Gallery in Ljubljana. In 2018 she was awarded the Democracy Award, for contributing to promoting human rights and gender equality in Kosovo

Marta Lempart

Marta Lempart is a Polish women’s rights activist and founder of the Polish Women’s Strike. Active since 2016 in widespread protests against tightening abortion laws under the conservative Law and Justice party, Marta has been targeted by the government with arrest and legal charges, and has faced death threats from opponents of the protests. Her work has also included advocating for equal rights for members of Poland’s LGBTQ+ community and for people with disabilities. She is a vocal proponent of secularism and the separation of church and state.

Liridona Sijarina

Liridona Sijarina is a member of the Collective for Feminist Thought and Action. A graduate in political science from the University of Prishtina, she currently works for the Kosovo Center for Gender Studies (KCGS) as a project and research manager. Previously, she has been involved in numerous projects and initiatives addressing women’s political activism and socio-economic rights.