About us

Kosovo 2.0 is a pioneering independent media organization that engages society in insightful debate through print and online magazines, public events and advocacy initiatives, and a range of non-formal education activities.

K2.0 achieves the latter through a core staff team, and with the input of hundreds of external contributors and continuous public engagement online and offline — all of whom take part in local and global discussions, and provide new perspectives to narratives regarding culture, arts, politics, people and society. K2.0 was founded to contribute and advocate for a society based on diversity and plurality, and this is the foundation on which our current and future strategies have been built upon.

Consequently, this type of journalism is not merely a goal but also a medium through which we have sought to strengthen democratic principles, such as: openness, transparency, accountability, citizen engagement, political representation, social justice, equality, diversity, and freedom. This medium needs to grow consistently and sustainably in order to ensure larger citizen engagement and public demand, followed by meaningful and practical change and reform implemented on the ground.

Seeking to become a center for independent cultural, political, and social commentary in Kosovo, the region and beyond, we have shaped our work in a way that best responds to our ever changing socio-political and technological contexts, while simultaneously rethinking ourselves and our role within the interplay of local and global dynamics.

K2.0’s editorial production is embedded in the very core of our functioning and as such it is what defines our role in society today. High-quality, credible and innovative journalism is the main approach through which we inform about ongoing developments, challenge various established narratives that are exclusionary or are considered controversial, and maintain necessary checks and balances on issues that are otherwise ignored by mainstream media and public discourse. Through the latter, we have built a strong foundation and have emerged among Kosovar citizens as one of the most reliable independent media organizations. This we have done over the course of 11 years, while continually being open to change and adaptation, critical self-assessment and efficient growth.

Starting as the first blogging platform in the country, K2.0 has become a center of critical thinking, a reference point for those who intend to thoroughly understand the context from all its sides, dynamics and tensions, and a hub of inclusion, dialogue and diversity. More specifically, K2.0 today works with a team of skilled editors, in-house staff writers, translators, photographers, designers and multimedia professionals who have helped turn into life our aspirations of increasing the number of media formats and models we produce. Through these formats, we have evolved into a medium that responds to the ever-changing media landscape and prioritises interaction with its target groups. Editorially, K2.0 now connects the region through videos and articles produced by its correspondents from all countries in the region, a process coordinated by our regional editor based in Sarajevo, BiH.

Besides the editorial production that is consistently diversifying, K2.0 has been active in organizing public events that address today’s media concerns, challenges and needs. Besides the regular public events and discussions in Kosovo, in 2019, K2.0 organized, designed and hosted the first regional conference of its kind in Kosovo, hosting one hundred journalists and editors from Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and numerous international journalists. While in summer 2020, in celebration of its first decade, Kosovo 2.0 organized a four day media carnival under the theme of HOPE – packed full of activities for which it is renowned such as talks, masterclasses, live interviews and workshops, hosting distinguished speakers such as Elif Shafak, Mona Eltahawy, Vandana Shiva and countless others.

For more than a decade, we have been continually striving to improve our work, methodology and approach by taking into account feedback from citizens, their needs and concerns. That is why today, we are a trusted online magazine, a channel through which young men and women connect and interact with inspiring individuals, and grow by being part of numerous customized non-formal educational programs that fill the gaps existing in formal education. Through our restless work, we endeavor for the voices of marginalized groups’ to be heard, and conventional ways of producing journalism to be merged with new, innovative, ground-breaking formats.